Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm doing a very quick update

I am so angry right now that I am only going to do a quick update. I got my I-ELLA bag today after waiting a month for it. and I have to say it was a rip off.  A big time rip off.

 They have way over inflated the prices of their products and they only sent samples of said products. All told for 62 dollars I got a cheap beach bag, a very small cheap and easily breakable bracelet, skin wipes in sample size and a nail polish in a sample size. I didn't even know they made samples of nail polish. Do yourself a favor and go with beauty boxes for half the price and maybe look into Golden Tote or even better Stitch Fix. Stitch fix has a waiting list and I haven't tried it yet but I have never seen a bad review of them and everyone who reviews them pays for their stuff, unlike those that have  been reviewing I Ella who get their bags for free to do a review.

 This is the email they sent me after I complained

Hi Carol,

Really sorry for the disappointment.  Every bag is different.  And every month is different.  Last month we had clothing, accessories and/or totes in the Starter Bag.  This month many of the boxes had accessories, totes and clutches.

We cannot put sunglasses in the starter bag because of the cost.  We actually have sunglasses this month in the SoHo and St. Barth's.

We did respond to your comment on MSA...  below is a copy.   Again, I'm terribly sorry for the disappointment and wish you only the very best.

- Ella
 So lets see if I pay 129 - 300 I can get something that is worth something? The advertise themselves as clothing by designers haha yeah right. I shop Ruelala or Hautelook and I know designers. I buy AG jeans and can get them for as low as 59 bucks on one of those two sites where is I Ella would say they are worth 200.00 if you pay that much for them then its not a deal because you can find it cheaper. I was expecting clothing of some sort even a t-shirt would have been great but when I opened that box my heart just dropped. I cant believe I spent that much money on that garbage.
 Stay away, because as you can see from the email she sent that she doesn't even really care at all. Way to treat a person.
 Well good luck to those who ordered and stay away for those who haven't. I will be updating later this week with my goodies box, glossy box and umm cant remember what other boxes but there are a few. All of them good !!!!

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