Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No updates

There will be no real updates today.

 My beloved Weezer bunny is having seizures and is going to have to be put down soon, and my dog Katie will have to be put down soon, so I'm just not into writing right now. I will update tomorrow Thursday will the sales and reviews I am working on. I also have more happenings for the Fayetteville area for the weekend.

 So to sum up my week so far, Rob leaves tomorrow, Gaby leaves Friday, Ewok the puppy is still recovering from his being fixed, the rabbit is sick and dying and my dog is sick and dying.

 Have you ever had a week like that? I'm just sick about the whole thing and to top it off my back hurts so bad I cant even put my shirt on.

 Dam... if anyone has any happy thoughts please send them my way..  

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