Wednesday, June 5, 2013

steal and deals: No updates

steal and deals: No updates: There will be no real updates today.  My beloved Weezer bunny is having seizures and is going to have to be put down soon, and my dog Kati...

No updates

There will be no real updates today.

 My beloved Weezer bunny is having seizures and is going to have to be put down soon, and my dog Katie will have to be put down soon, so I'm just not into writing right now. I will update tomorrow Thursday will the sales and reviews I am working on. I also have more happenings for the Fayetteville area for the weekend.

 So to sum up my week so far, Rob leaves tomorrow, Gaby leaves Friday, Ewok the puppy is still recovering from his being fixed, the rabbit is sick and dying and my dog is sick and dying.

 Have you ever had a week like that? I'm just sick about the whole thing and to top it off my back hurts so bad I cant even put my shirt on.

 Dam... if anyone has any happy thoughts please send them my way..  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

steal and deals: Summer camps for fayetteville

steal and deals: Summer camps for fayetteville: Here are a few camps for the summer here in Fayetteville nc Rockfish camp:

Summer camps for fayetteville

Here are a few camps for the summer here in Fayetteville nc

Rockfish camp:

 For boys camp Chippewa

Razzle /dazzle art camp:

Gymnastics camp;postID=8561523920154075898

Fayetteville Sports Camps

Also try this site

my daughter really did love camp rockfish so if you can get in for free go for it

steal and deals: LBB

steal and deals: LBB: Oh yes another clothing box subscription, The little black bag sends you clothes, you pick one thing and their stylist send you one to three...


Oh yes another clothing box subscription, The little black bag sends you clothes, you pick one thing and their stylist send you one to three extras that they pick for you based on your profile and preference.

 They also allow to swap stuff with other members and ship your bag whenever you want. They also have a return policy which is great because lets face it we don't always like everything we get.

 Here is the link, take a look and see if you like it. This will be another one I sign up for lol

steal and deals: Weekend happenings in Fayetteville

steal and deals: Weekend happenings in Fayetteville: I thought I might post some of what's going on here is Fayetteville this weekend for anyone that's wants it.  I also would like to...

Weekend happenings in Fayetteville

I thought I might post some of what's going on here is Fayetteville this weekend for anyone that's wants it.

 I also would like to know how I add people so I can read their blogs. So far I am completely clueless when it comes to this and haven't really had time to sit down and figure it all out. If anyone who reads this can give me some hints and post links to their blog that would be great, since as of right now I'm not following anyone even though I thought I was.

 Ok on the What's happening

Mary J Blige is going to be at the PNC Arena in Raleigh at 8 pm on Friday June 7th. I think there is still time to get tickets so go ahead and look.

 Brad Paisley will be at the Time Warner music pavilion on Saturday June 8th, there are still tickets for this.

Beach ouse garden tour is this weekend at Holden Beach fro 10 am til 3 pm, tickets are 10.00

 Cumberland Dance Academy is having recitals at 12 on Saturday from  3-6 pm, that s also 10.00 and its at the Crown here in Fay.

 2nd Saturday summer arts fest is at the Museum of the cape fear historical complex 810 Arsenal ave. This is suppose to be a lot of fun and who doesn't like an art fest.

 Sunday June 9th finds us at the WWE live show. Heavy weight champs will be there and quite a few of them to boot. That is also at the Crown Coliseum . Tickets are 15 - 95 and it starts a 5 pm

 Not sure if anyone knows this but the Cross Creek Mall now has A Sweet Boutique which is yummy deserts. This is also on Walter reed rd but that location only does party cakes. The one in the mall is more of a shop where you can get all kinds of yummy to give you energy to shop. While I'm talking about the mall they are also getting a Black house White market soon. I cant remember what store they are taking over but when I head back over there I will look.

 Ok that's the update for our area, later on today I will be posting online freebies and sales. I love my freebies and gets lots of make up and food stuff in the mail for free lol I also plan on putting up some free Kindle books because I am finding so many of them that I just have to share.

 If you read this and have any input feel free to share.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Stitch Fix !!!

  Oh yeah baby I got my Stitch Fix invite !!! I'm so happy. After the trauma of I-Ella the list I'm happy to try this. There is no worry because if you don't like it you send it back prepaid so why not try it. I think getting a surprise bag of clothes in the mail once a month would be great.

 The profile is very good, they want to know everything about you and really try to see what you like. I'm going to sign up tonight and I'll update when I get it. I have high hopes for this box because the reviews were great on it and people seemed happy. Like I said what do you have to lose since you can send it back.

 Here's a link so you can check it out

steal and deals: Mission Target

steal and deals: Mission Target:  Oh Target, Target, what are you doing to me?? Why such bad clearance? I've gone the last few days and I'm having the worst luck. ...

Mission Target

 Oh Target, Target, what are you doing to me?? Why such bad clearance? I've gone the last few days and I'm having the worst luck.

 This week they do have clearance of 30% off some furniture such as the cheap tv stands and book cases but the prices are almost the same when they are on sale. Racks and Racks of clothing still but nothing great, no wonder they are on clearance.

 Man I bought the shabby chic comforter at Target a while ago while it was on sale but guess what ?? Its now on clearance !! It figures I knew I should have waited but I wanted it sooo bad. I decided to do my room all girly pink stuff because Rob is leaving so he wont see it but still I should have waited, I was just so excited to start.

 Oh what am I going to do with you? Your killing me here. I places orders on May 3rd and I'm still waiting on some of them. I got a great pair of Mavi jeans that were normally 198.00 on other sites for 68.00, now that's a great deal. But when I have to wait a month for something that really pisses me off. Now don't get me wrong I still love them and shop with them but their shipping is so hit or miss. Sometimes it comes in days, other times it takes weeks!!! They really do need to fix this because sometimes I get so mad I wont shop with them for months.

 As I stated the other day I got my first I-Ella box and it sucked. Well the bracelet that she said cost 50.00 on her site got knotted already and its never even been worn. Ok not so much knotted but like crinkled? I don't know but it cant be undone because the chain is so flimsy that anything I do will break it. I swear I warn everyone about it now. If you don't get the most expensive bags then you are shit out of luck.

 Right now I'm waiting on my Juleb box and my nature box. I see that the money has gone from my bank so I'm going to assume they will be here soon.

 I got my first Fancy box the other day and it was all beat to hell when it got here, it looked like it had been ripped open and taped back together. They were nice about it. Oh I should say it only had two things in it and I'll post some pictures later, anyway they were nice about it but offered no solution. I'm finding more and more often that the company's really don't want to make things right anymore I guess they figure they already have your money so they don't care.

 I have a post I really want to do on honesty and people doing reviews the way they should. I don't really do reviews, well I do but not like some people. I find more and more often that the reviewers are getting their boxes for free, which is fine who doesn't like free, but they all do positive reviews on those boxes making me not trust that these boxes are worth or as good as they say. One person even said that she sends her review to the company before she posts it so that they approve it. What ???? That's crazy, so you want me to take your word for it? Now sure there are a few people I read that get some for free but so far they are honest about it and their review. Some like them some don't or they just don't like a few things but they say that, they are not censoring themselves in order to get free stuff.

 I'm not here to make money or get free stuff or really even do reviews I just want to say what I want to say and that's it. I guess a lot of them want to be popular and have tons of readers and get famous or something lol but that's not for me. Most of what I say pisses people off and I really don't care. I'm too old to censor what I say  or try to say what others want to here so they'll like me. That's not my bag at all.

 Ok done with that , for now.  So there are some really cool new stores in downtown Fayetteville that I want to write about. I'm waiting to hear back from a few of them to find out more about them before I head down there to see the stores and give my thoughts.

 That's it for now...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

steal and deals: The I Ella rip off of may box In the Hamptons

steal and deals: The I Ella rip off of may box In the Hamptons

The I Ella rip off of may box In the Hamptons

steal and deals: I'm doing a very quick update

steal and deals: I'm doing a very quick update: I am so angry right now that I am only going to do a quick update. I got my I-ELLA bag today after waiting a month for it. and I have to say...

I'm doing a very quick update

I am so angry right now that I am only going to do a quick update. I got my I-ELLA bag today after waiting a month for it. and I have to say it was a rip off.  A big time rip off.

 They have way over inflated the prices of their products and they only sent samples of said products. All told for 62 dollars I got a cheap beach bag, a very small cheap and easily breakable bracelet, skin wipes in sample size and a nail polish in a sample size. I didn't even know they made samples of nail polish. Do yourself a favor and go with beauty boxes for half the price and maybe look into Golden Tote or even better Stitch Fix. Stitch fix has a waiting list and I haven't tried it yet but I have never seen a bad review of them and everyone who reviews them pays for their stuff, unlike those that have  been reviewing I Ella who get their bags for free to do a review.

 This is the email they sent me after I complained

Hi Carol,

Really sorry for the disappointment.  Every bag is different.  And every month is different.  Last month we had clothing, accessories and/or totes in the Starter Bag.  This month many of the boxes had accessories, totes and clutches.

We cannot put sunglasses in the starter bag because of the cost.  We actually have sunglasses this month in the SoHo and St. Barth's.

We did respond to your comment on MSA...  below is a copy.   Again, I'm terribly sorry for the disappointment and wish you only the very best.

- Ella
 So lets see if I pay 129 - 300 I can get something that is worth something? The advertise themselves as clothing by designers haha yeah right. I shop Ruelala or Hautelook and I know designers. I buy AG jeans and can get them for as low as 59 bucks on one of those two sites where is I Ella would say they are worth 200.00 if you pay that much for them then its not a deal because you can find it cheaper. I was expecting clothing of some sort even a t-shirt would have been great but when I opened that box my heart just dropped. I cant believe I spent that much money on that garbage.
 Stay away, because as you can see from the email she sent that she doesn't even really care at all. Way to treat a person.
 Well good luck to those who ordered and stay away for those who haven't. I will be updating later this week with my goodies box, glossy box and umm cant remember what other boxes but there are a few. All of them good !!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

steal and deals: Stitch Fix

steal and deals: Stitch Fix: I just want to do a quick update on a women's clothing sub box. I'm putting it here so I don't lose it again lol  It's cal...

Stitch Fix

I just want to do a quick update on a women's clothing sub box. I'm putting it here so I don't lose it again lol

 It's called stitch fix and it has great blog reviews from what I've seen. There is a wait list and I'm on it. It looks great and I love all the clothes I'm seeing on it.

 Here is a link

 If you get a chance check it out.

 Now for I-Ella

 There are so many unhappy people on the sub that I would say pass it by. You get locked in for three months and people are waiting well over a month after having paid to get it. --The only people that seem to like it are the bloggers that get it for free to review. Since I cant cancel mine at this point I'll have to hold my breath and see what happens. But as soon as my sub is over I'm out of  it. They apparently don't ship fast and are bad at letting you know. If you care to complain go to the facebook page and say so. People work hard for their money and should get what they pay for. Serves me right for not checking out reviews from people who don't get them for free.

 Here is the link for I-ELLA.COM

 Warning buy at your own risk.

Monday, May 20, 2013

steal and deals: Children and Target

steal and deals: Children and Target:   Well sad news at Target, the clearance sucked!!! Wow they must be in between seasons in store because all the back walls were bare.  The...

Children and Target

  Well sad news at Target, the clearance sucked!!! Wow they must be in between seasons in store because all the back walls were bare.

 There are still tons of clothes clearance racks which I did go thru but nothing I could not live with out. I did get a real cute lamp shade that was a cool hippy color which I really wanted on sale for 13.98 down from 24.99 not a bad deal. But alas they only had two, I found some make downs in make up but again nothing special. I hope to go again later this week to see if they marked any thing else down.

 I want to write about children. When you become a parent don't expect your children to thank you for things, yeah they will for simply things like " thanks for the ride mom " or " thanks for the cookies" but you cant expect your kids to thank you or even understand the other things we do for them. When I had kids I understood this, they don't get it and as teens they really don't get it.

 You cant lay that kind of stuff on kids, you cant throw up in their face all the things you did for them some of which broke your heart. Letting your child fail, fall or stand alone is NOT easy but sometimes is the best thing for them. A parent can not bail their kids out everytime they get in trouble or do something wrong because then they grow up to expect it, but does that make it easier on a parent ?? Hell no. We can not praise our kids for every little thing they do ( no matter if we want too ) because some day they will grow up and their boss is not going to thank them or praise them for every little thing they do , after all your boss is paying you to do it. But still it would be nice if kids did understand what we go through. I'm not sure where I'm going with this or why I'm even thinking about it. But I know that as a parent there was nothing harder or more heartbreaking then to watch your child fail or hurt and be able to do nothing about it. Heart break happens but your child doesn't understand.

 We hold their heads when they puke, we punish when they get bad grades, we think of their needs above our own. no matter how much that hurts. My youngest ( now 18 ) had an emotional break down in 9th grade, I watch as she fell in to a deeper and deeper depression, I watch as she turned her back on friends and finaly I watched as she started cutting herself to relive her internal pain. I did what I could found her a doctor took her there but you cant make them talk, you cant make someone do something they don't want to do. So I watch and I cried and I ranted and I lashed out to others because I had no idea what to do. There are times as a parent where you are just powerless to do anything to stand by and watch and then just hang your head knowing that all you can do is be there and hope and pray that something works.

 Lucky for us that the doctor got through to her and she is fine now, but at the time I was lost. Rob was deployed and it was just me, just me sitting here wondering what I did wrong, how I could have stopped it how I could have fixed it and the whole time not being about to tell Rob everything because his distraction could have been his death. Iraq is a dangerous place and he needed his focus there not on all the bad things here. Later, when he was home I told him everything, no he wasn't angry I kept it from him he was sad that he wasn't here to help. I don't blame him its his job but that doesn't stop him from blaming himself.
 And that's what it really comes down to, when you have kids you blame yourself, for everything. Now that's she's grown you would think its easier but its not its almost worse, because now you cant ground them or take a way their phone now all you can do is worry, worry and then worry some more and hope to God that all the things you nagged and warned them about has stayed in their head. But guess what? even if it didn't I will be there to hold her head, or her hand or even her purse ( if shes puking her brains out from a hang over ) because that's what I do, no I cant stop her from doing things and I cant stop her from failing and falling and making bad choice, but I can let her know that no matter what she does I'm there, anytime, anywhere and no matter what.

 Because that's my job and no matter the heartbreak that goes with it I chose it and I would do it all again.

 Wow, I'm on a roll here. How depressing am I ?

 and on that note... bye bye

steal and deals: Thunders storms and scray movies

steal and deals: Thunders storms and scray movies:  I cant believe that the movers are coming for Rob's stuff on Monday, where did the time go?? He plans to move to DC on June 6th and I  ...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Thunders storms and scray movies

 I cant believe that the movers are coming for Rob's stuff on Monday, where did the time go?? He plans to move to DC on June 6th and I  hope to go there around July 4th to see the fireworks. He has a place right next to the Pentagon for easy commute lol

 I have a bunch of deals for this week  and a lot of area ( Fayetteville ) things to do. I'm gathering them all up to post all at one time, or so I hope.

 Nothing but storms all weekend so I think scary movies are in order. I got Rob a 55 inch 3d tv for his birthday so we bought 3d movies to watch. It was pretty cool plus we go to spend time together.

 Army wives get a bad rap and sometimes I am ashamed to even be one. I think part of the problem may be that so many get married at 18 and a few I've talked even got married at 17~~ God I mean they haven't even lived life yet. I mean ok fine get married young but why the hurry to have kids right away? A military wife knows that her spouse can be deployed at anytime and then here you are with a child, no friends, no family living in a strange place. So many wives end up cheating because of this. But I've seen so many say that well they are madly in love and that they are happy. Well of course you're happy you just got married!!! and everyone thinks that their marriage will last but if you marry and then he deploys right away then you're going to get lonely. I just don't get it. I feel bad for them , people that young just don't understand things yet regardless of what they say. The one thing that seems to be a common thing is that they say " I'm mature for my age because of all the stuff I've gone through " Of course you like your mature but believe me your not, no one ever is.

 Ok done with that. I started following a very interesting page on facebook called " Debate This " if you get a chance check it out they bring up some very interesting subjects and have some great discussions.

 Shopping wise one of my new fav's in I could spend hours on there, which I think I will go do now lol

 I did tons of yard work this weekend so I count that as my fitness for the day... Now back to resting and then the Pain doctor on Monday. Oh fun fun...
 Check out for area - online shopping later

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hard choice

Well I have a really hard decision to make. My doxie Katie is about 11yrs old and is not doing well, within the last week she has gone blind and is having a hard time breathing. She is still eating and doesn't seem to be in pain but I'm not sure how much longer I should leave her like this.

 I ask myself, if this were me would I want to stay this way? If there is no hope of getting better only getting worse would I want to go on ? I love my Katie Kat but I feel bad I don't want to make this choice and although it sounds bad I just wish she would go in her sleep so I would not have to choose. When I had my beloved Shelby put to sleep I never really got over it. I rescued her as a full grown Rottie and she was the best dog ever !!! I had her  put down 5yrs ago and I'm still not over it and I think of her everyday. Rob wants me to wait til he is gone to do it and that makes sense to me. I have to lift her up and down the stairs so she can go outside and she is just too heavy for me now. Since my surgery I never really recovered so lifting something as big as she is, is just too much for me.

 I'm not much in the mood for writing up some deals today. But if you like furniture I'm going to post a link for an online store that I love. It has mixed reviews from some but I have always had good luck with it so I say go for it. The shipping is a good price and the furniture I have gotten is top notch.  Here is the link - Oh it's called Joss and Main. When I remember I will post pictures of the stuff I have gotten. If you live here in Fay then you know that furniture and unique items are hard to come by, so even if you don't buy just take a look. I get great decorating ideas from there.

 <a href=""><img src="" alt="Joss and Main" ></a

or this one

 More to come later ... happy Thursday

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Harris Teeter

Again another store I love, they double coupons which stores here in Fayetteville never do. Most of their sales this week are by one get one free.

Coke products are buy 2 get three free. Chicken breast and London broil are also buy one get one free.

 Here is the link to the online flyer. If you haven't already sign up for E-Vic and get more offers in your email. These are limited time only and picked just for you. Did you know you can also order online and then pick up at the store? Its a great time saver and I think its 4$ to do it but first timers get it free.

Hello Fresh is a subscription box that send fresh food right to your door. I haven't tried it yet but I think I just might. What the heck I may like it and if not oh well its still food right?? LOL
Here is the link


 Last but not least, American eagle is yet again have a 40% off sale. Online all you can use is that coupon but in stores you can double and even triple up, meaning you get the 40% use your Military discount and whatever rewards points you have. If  you don't have a rewards card get one !!! You get coupons in the mail at least once a month for either a percent off or 10$ well worth it and its free. The 40% also can be used on clearance items which is even better. 
 Here's the link

Kate spade deals

 I'm in love with Kate Spade handbags and I never pass up a sale on them. Today only Kate Spade has a 75% off sale on everything on the site. You can't beat that. Now I know they are expensive but when you get them on sale it is well worth the spurge. I've had  mine for years and they wear well.
 Here is he link, Even if you don't buy check it out.

There is only one online shopping site that is authorized to sell Coach hand bags. You can return these bags both online and at the factory store in Smithfield NC. I buy from here often and never had any problems We know military wives and the love their Coach !!!! Yikes just looked and dam tey have some as low as 69$ !!!! Holy crap,  Here is the link . Ok you can see I'm bad at linking but I'm workin on it lol

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

steal and deals: Daily deals

steal and deals: Daily deals: Before I start that I want to update on I-Elle  After reading different reviews and in light of what's happening to me I am going to s...

Daily deals

Before I start that I want to update on I-Elle

 After reading different reviews and in light of what's happening to me I am going to say Not to try this yet. It's a new company and may be working out some bugs but as of yet it would seem the only people having good luck are the people that get the boxes for free to review. They do not seem to respond to anyone other then on one blog where the person gets them for free.

 I did not notice this when I signed up and since when you sign up you agree to a three month service and you can not cancel until that is up I would pass it by. When I do finally get my box I will update you on how long it took and what was in it. I will also post pictures of it.

 On to Ruelala- Today they are having a blow out sale, the sale last's until Wed at 11 am . I use this site all the time so I know there stuff is good

 Today they have Theory at great prices, Invicta watches are also on sale which we all know is a great brand. Part of the blow deals today are -  Genetic Denim, Badgley Mischka, Ok I cheated below because I wasn't going to type all of them in LOL but there are even more. Here is the link

  • Ash
  • Badgley Mischka
  • BedHead
  • Bleulab
  • Calvin Klein Collection
  • calvin klein performance
  • Calypso
  • Carla Mancini
  • Central Park West – SOLD OUT
  • Charles David
  • Chloe – SOLD OUT
  • Christopher Kon
  • Cullen Cashmere
  • CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane
  • Dale Dressin
  • Da-Nang – SOLD OUT
  • Hautelook is also having their daily sale- I love love this site. some of todays deals are Ella Moss and J brand. Now like I said I love this site but sometimes their shipping is very slow, they say it's because they get them right from the designer and that could be true but since I always get my stuff and love it I'm not too worried. But lately their prices seem to have gone up a little. May be that's just the better brands they are selling or it could be they just want more money, lol how knows.
    Here is the link --
     Daily deals in stores

     Target Clearance is a little off this week, they don't seem to be marking down like they use to, maybe there on to us. They did have racks and racks of marked down clothes, the racks are in order meaning that they are --- 30% 50% and 75% , they 75% is over by the maternity clothes so you have to look for it. Target has teamed up with Sam and Libby the shoe company to offer their shoes, They are a good price and I tried some on and they feel nice and comfy.

     Target has a mark down schedule they follow for mark downs. They mark down daily and I will post that as soon as I write it up. Don't know if you know but on their web site you can also get free samples sent to you. I'm a huge free fan and I think I will be posting links to the ones I find so others can get the free stuff too.

     Online deals

    Apple iPad 4th Generation 16GB WiFi Tablet w/ Retina Display - $449 Shipped


    Ok that's it for me today. If I get any boxes in the mail I"ll update. Also the sales for area grocery stores start Wed so I will update those when they come out.

     Its such a  nice day here in NC that I did yard work and went food shopping. For the Military tomorrow is pay day so beware the commissary!!! Even Harris Teeter was packed today.
    Enjoy the weather

    Monday, May 13, 2013

    Coupon codes for boxes

    This box is great I just got it the other day and I loved everything in it. I will post pictures as soon as  I can but I end up eating it all before I remember lol

    : Nature Box
    The Cost: $19.95
    COUPON: Use code ADDICTION to save 30% on your first month

    This coupon was borrowed from someone else but its ok to use it

     This box s so yummy !!!! and good for you. Believe it or not its all full size and tastes great.

     Conscious Box (Classic,Vegan and Gluten Free options available)
    The Cost: $19.95 a month
    Use coupon code EARTHMONTH to save 50% off any subscription

     This next box I have ordered but have not gotten yet but will post when I do

    Bestowed Box
    The Cost: $19 a month
    COUPON CODE: Use coupon LOVEHEALTHY to save $5 off your first box

     I have this box and I liked it. I'm not a nail person so I may not keep it but if you love nail polish this one is for you

    Julep Maven
    COUPON: Use code FREEMAVEN to get the first box for $.01!
    The Cost: $19.99 a month (option to skip a month

     Glossy box is great for beauty stuff, I'm waiting on my box but the coupon code is


     Designer clothes picked just for you. Fill out the form, you can cancel at anytime. I'm waiting on this one, the ship on the 15th.

    Ok that it for now, life I calling me to do something lol Have a great day all, and please if you like my new blog please share it !!!!

    New boxes

    I have signed up for a few new boxes,
     one is a clothing site that asks you questions and based on the answers they design a box just for you. It has great reviews, granted some of the things they send may be things you wont normally wear but that's the fun of it. You can also sell or swap on the site for things you don't want, the site is if the ask for a referral name please use mine, or carol hello fresh is a fresh natural food site. I like there stuff. so give that one a try - this site sends you interesting nail polish and body products. I am getting ready to post some coupon codes for these sites so check back soon.

    Saturday, May 11, 2013

    Happy Saturday

     Funny thing, if you're over 35 you may know this song but I learned how to spell Saturday from the song " SATRUDAY Night " LOL its a song from the 70's

     Not too much going on today, the house is a mess the pool needs to be cleaned and the lawn mowed. Guess what I've don't all day??? Watch house crashers, yard crashers and well all the crashers lol Funny because my house looks like crap right now. We started remodeling in Nov and its still not done, what can I say we're lazy people. The kitchen is done but not the floor, the floors in the other rooms are done but the trim isn't up and don't even ask about the master bath because I'm pretty sure I'm never going to get the floors and walls finished. Oh well

     I ordered some things on Hautelook  today and man I got some great bargains. I got two hello kitty short/tank sleep wear , a really cool knotted metal necklace, and some very chic sandals. With shipping it came to 84.58 not bad at all. All designer stuff. On Sunday nights they have something called " Sunday night blow outs " they lower the price even more then normal and I love it. Again you have to move fast but you can put things in your cart and they will hold them for 15 min. so at least you can keep looking.

     Rue la la also has Sunday night sales, same deal dirt cheap designer stuff. Rue has shipping at 9.99 flat rate and that is for the month. So if you buy say a shirt the shipping is 9.99 but then you don't pay shipping again for the rest of the month. It's not a bad deal if you like to shop there often.

     I'm waiting on a nice thunder storm here but with my luck we won't get it. I really want the rain so I don't have to water the garden and I want to watch scary movies and its just not the same with out rain.

     Anyone else watch Downton Abbey? God I love that show. I found it on Amazon ( free to watch with prime ) and went thru all three seasons and now I'm waiting for the rest and its killing me.

     If you haven't already check out some of the Amazon sales today, great free books for the kindle if you have one. I'm waiting for a few of the zombie ones that are part of a series I read.

     See ya later

    Friday, May 10, 2013

    Some shopping updates

    I'm going to add the ruelala link because there is sales is great today. If you don't know Rue is a flash sale site that sells designer stuff at rock bottom prices. I get AG jeans there all the time, if you know AG you know they can cost upward of 150 a pair !!! I've never paid more the 69 for the ones on Rue. So here is the link.... todays theme is outdoor cooking and living they also have some puma on sale for kids and adults .

     Have you used ? I love the coupons you can get there. Way to go. . This is for Hautelook. Another flash sale designer site that I love. Same as Rue today the have Chloe sun glasses which cost a fortune but are on sale. Pop over and take a look.

    Ebay has daily deals that are great. One today is galaxy smart phone, here is the link.

    Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Unlocked Smartphone, White - $384.99 Shipped

     Target Clearance is one of my favorite things. I hit target up once a week if not more because their mark downs are daily. I play to list and take pictures of some of the things I find. Now these things will be for Fayetteville NC but you are more then welcome to share your finds for the area you live. Just be sure to write down where you are.
     Since I'm new to this it may take me awhile to get the hang of it and post daily. But I would love if you read it and share your thoughts. If you are Military I would really love to hear from you because its always nice to hear someone else's story.

    So busy this week

    I know right I say that a lot !! But with Rob getting ready to leave  and Gaby moving back in there is just way too much stuff laying around the house either waiting to be packed or unpacked. My house is not big enough for all this stuff.

     I got some of my boxes today and yesterday, of course I did not take pictures because, umm well I'm not sure how to up load them yet !!! LOL

     The movers for Rob are coming next Thursday to go over the stuff they are moving and then the next day will pack and take it. Its hard to believe that he will be gone soon. I plan to stay here in NC for at least a year while things settle down in DC. He is going to be traveling with the Joint Chiefs of Staff about 280 days out of the year so it just didn't make sense for me to go now.

     I found the cockatiel a home and they said he seems happy, so yippy for me.

     I got an Ipsy box today, very nice makeup but I think the colors could have been a little better more summery. I also got a love with food box. it was pretty good but they was some kind of dried tomato slices, yuck !!!! they were very nasty.
    ' is having an awesome sale today, lots of spring and summer stuff. Sorry but I'm not on the ball today and did not put down everything that was on sale but I'll work on it. I guess I really just need to get on the ball with keeping up with this, but like I said things are just hectic.

     I'm trying this fitbit challenge that I saw on an other blog site. I'll ask her if I can post a link. My pain this week has been pretty bad and I regret having the surgery more and more so doing the fitbit is hard. I did manage to  get some garden work done and some shopping but other then that I've been bedridden. I get so frustrated over this and sometimes I just think I cant take anymore. But there is nothing I can do, but I can tell you spending the rest of my life on drugs is a sad sad thing.

     Ok toddles for now, I'm going to see if I can get some pictures up loaded and eat some of the good food I got in the mail today.

    Sunday, May 5, 2013

    Hard week

      Well what a busy week. I found a Cockatiel in my yard on Friday, can you believe it !!! I'm stunned. Now I've been trying to find the owner and I now have two people claiming the bird is theirs. How do I pick? I mean its a bird they all pretty much look the same. I've decided to ask them questions about the bird to see who knows him best. I know Cockatiels can talk and things so that's what I went with, but really I do not think any of them is the owner but since we can't keep him I'll have to make a choice.

     Rob is going on leave on Friday, for those that don't know that is the Military term for vacation. He is trying to set up the movers so they can come get his stuff and bring it to DC so its really getting down to the wire with him leaving. I'm sad to see him go but very excited for the great opportunity it is for him. This is a  very big deal. Being nominated to work at the Pentagon is a big deal but getting it is an even bigger deal. I can not imagine him working there with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I am looking forward to going to visit him since I love all things there are to do in DC.
     So far I have only gotten the one box subscription that I have ordered but like I said before I wasn't to thrilled with it. The others ones look much more promising. I'll update when I get them.

     I don't know if anyone shops  but its a great flash sale site that I check everyday. I have got such amazing deals there. I have jeans that are normally well over 150.00 for under 60. So far the favorites I get from there are the, Agave, Cult, Mavi and dam I cant remember the others lol So if you get a chance check it out.
     One of the other flash sale sites I check daily is , again amazing deals. Now the sizing on designer clothes is different then others so check the size chart before you order.

     Well that's it for today, Its cold and rainy and nasty here in NC, this is crazy it should be in the 70"s by now but its only 51 out. That's winter weather and even in the winter it doesn't get that cold.

      Ok see ya later, well if anyone is reading this !!!

    Thursday, May 2, 2013

    Intro and daily deal

    I'm writing because I have been told I need a hobby. Right now my best hobby is shopping so I figure is someone comes across this I can  share my deals and well anything else I have.

     I started trying this new stuff called
    Subscription boxes. I bet I'm the last person to hear about them but I have to say I think I"ve found my new addiction. I love a bargain, I mean really love and since I have found these I've been scoring the internet looking for coupons and code and man there are a bunch.

     I'm new to all this and I'm really new at blogging but hey I have lots to say and no one to say it too.

     I'll start with I'm  an Army  wife ( hence the title ) I've been married for twenty years and he has been in the Army for 19 of those. Ok boring. He is leaving NC where we live to go work at the Pentagon, that's a big deal. Sad part is I'm not going with him so all I'll have for now people wise is this blog.

     I'm not great at talking to real people but that's because I am a very blunt person and I offend others. LOL

     So on to my great find of the day. Amazon has Sukus shoes for dirt cheap. Do you know those shoes? They are well over 50.oo but Amazon has them for as low as 14.99 and did you know they have more then flip flops? I got their sneakers and I am loving them.

     I found a coupon code for " Julup " it has nails polish and skin care make up. I got my first box today, I paid 2.99 for shipping not a bad deal for two nail polishes and a mascara. I am sorry to say that I was not thrilled with it so I wont be getting more. But since it was my first foray into the box world its not bad.

     Well on to more shopping and I hope to post everything I find. If someone reads it great, if not well then at least I'll remember the stuff I've bought lol