Monday, June 3, 2013

Mission Target

 Oh Target, Target, what are you doing to me?? Why such bad clearance? I've gone the last few days and I'm having the worst luck.

 This week they do have clearance of 30% off some furniture such as the cheap tv stands and book cases but the prices are almost the same when they are on sale. Racks and Racks of clothing still but nothing great, no wonder they are on clearance.

 Man I bought the shabby chic comforter at Target a while ago while it was on sale but guess what ?? Its now on clearance !! It figures I knew I should have waited but I wanted it sooo bad. I decided to do my room all girly pink stuff because Rob is leaving so he wont see it but still I should have waited, I was just so excited to start.

 Oh what am I going to do with you? Your killing me here. I places orders on May 3rd and I'm still waiting on some of them. I got a great pair of Mavi jeans that were normally 198.00 on other sites for 68.00, now that's a great deal. But when I have to wait a month for something that really pisses me off. Now don't get me wrong I still love them and shop with them but their shipping is so hit or miss. Sometimes it comes in days, other times it takes weeks!!! They really do need to fix this because sometimes I get so mad I wont shop with them for months.

 As I stated the other day I got my first I-Ella box and it sucked. Well the bracelet that she said cost 50.00 on her site got knotted already and its never even been worn. Ok not so much knotted but like crinkled? I don't know but it cant be undone because the chain is so flimsy that anything I do will break it. I swear I warn everyone about it now. If you don't get the most expensive bags then you are shit out of luck.

 Right now I'm waiting on my Juleb box and my nature box. I see that the money has gone from my bank so I'm going to assume they will be here soon.

 I got my first Fancy box the other day and it was all beat to hell when it got here, it looked like it had been ripped open and taped back together. They were nice about it. Oh I should say it only had two things in it and I'll post some pictures later, anyway they were nice about it but offered no solution. I'm finding more and more often that the company's really don't want to make things right anymore I guess they figure they already have your money so they don't care.

 I have a post I really want to do on honesty and people doing reviews the way they should. I don't really do reviews, well I do but not like some people. I find more and more often that the reviewers are getting their boxes for free, which is fine who doesn't like free, but they all do positive reviews on those boxes making me not trust that these boxes are worth or as good as they say. One person even said that she sends her review to the company before she posts it so that they approve it. What ???? That's crazy, so you want me to take your word for it? Now sure there are a few people I read that get some for free but so far they are honest about it and their review. Some like them some don't or they just don't like a few things but they say that, they are not censoring themselves in order to get free stuff.

 I'm not here to make money or get free stuff or really even do reviews I just want to say what I want to say and that's it. I guess a lot of them want to be popular and have tons of readers and get famous or something lol but that's not for me. Most of what I say pisses people off and I really don't care. I'm too old to censor what I say  or try to say what others want to here so they'll like me. That's not my bag at all.

 Ok done with that , for now.  So there are some really cool new stores in downtown Fayetteville that I want to write about. I'm waiting to hear back from a few of them to find out more about them before I head down there to see the stores and give my thoughts.

 That's it for now...

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