Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekend happenings in Fayetteville

I thought I might post some of what's going on here is Fayetteville this weekend for anyone that's wants it.

 I also would like to know how I add people so I can read their blogs. So far I am completely clueless when it comes to this and haven't really had time to sit down and figure it all out. If anyone who reads this can give me some hints and post links to their blog that would be great, since as of right now I'm not following anyone even though I thought I was.

 Ok on the What's happening

Mary J Blige is going to be at the PNC Arena in Raleigh at 8 pm on Friday June 7th. I think there is still time to get tickets so go ahead and look.

 Brad Paisley will be at the Time Warner music pavilion on Saturday June 8th, there are still tickets for this.

Beach ouse garden tour is this weekend at Holden Beach fro 10 am til 3 pm, tickets are 10.00

 Cumberland Dance Academy is having recitals at 12 on Saturday from  3-6 pm, that s also 10.00 and its at the Crown here in Fay.

 2nd Saturday summer arts fest is at the Museum of the cape fear historical complex 810 Arsenal ave. This is suppose to be a lot of fun and who doesn't like an art fest.

 Sunday June 9th finds us at the WWE live show. Heavy weight champs will be there and quite a few of them to boot. That is also at the Crown Coliseum . Tickets are 15 - 95 and it starts a 5 pm

 Not sure if anyone knows this but the Cross Creek Mall now has A Sweet Boutique which is yummy deserts. This is also on Walter reed rd but that location only does party cakes. The one in the mall is more of a shop where you can get all kinds of yummy to give you energy to shop. While I'm talking about the mall they are also getting a Black house White market soon. I cant remember what store they are taking over but when I head back over there I will look.

 Ok that's the update for our area, later on today I will be posting online freebies and sales. I love my freebies and gets lots of make up and food stuff in the mail for free lol I also plan on putting up some free Kindle books because I am finding so many of them that I just have to share.

 If you read this and have any input feel free to share.

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