Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Saturday

 Funny thing, if you're over 35 you may know this song but I learned how to spell Saturday from the song " SATRUDAY Night " LOL its a song from the 70's

 Not too much going on today, the house is a mess the pool needs to be cleaned and the lawn mowed. Guess what I've don't all day??? Watch house crashers, yard crashers and well all the crashers lol Funny because my house looks like crap right now. We started remodeling in Nov and its still not done, what can I say we're lazy people. The kitchen is done but not the floor, the floors in the other rooms are done but the trim isn't up and don't even ask about the master bath because I'm pretty sure I'm never going to get the floors and walls finished. Oh well

 I ordered some things on Hautelook  today and man I got some great bargains. I got two hello kitty short/tank sleep wear , a really cool knotted metal necklace, and some very chic sandals. With shipping it came to 84.58 not bad at all. All designer stuff. On Sunday nights they have something called " Sunday night blow outs " they lower the price even more then normal and I love it. Again you have to move fast but you can put things in your cart and they will hold them for 15 min. so at least you can keep looking.

 Rue la la also has Sunday night sales, same deal dirt cheap designer stuff. Rue has shipping at 9.99 flat rate and that is for the month. So if you buy say a shirt the shipping is 9.99 but then you don't pay shipping again for the rest of the month. It's not a bad deal if you like to shop there often.

 I'm waiting on a nice thunder storm here but with my luck we won't get it. I really want the rain so I don't have to water the garden and I want to watch scary movies and its just not the same with out rain.

 Anyone else watch Downton Abbey? God I love that show. I found it on Amazon ( free to watch with prime ) and went thru all three seasons and now I'm waiting for the rest and its killing me.

 If you haven't already check out some of the Amazon sales today, great free books for the kindle if you have one. I'm waiting for a few of the zombie ones that are part of a series I read.

 See ya later

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