Friday, May 10, 2013

So busy this week

I know right I say that a lot !! But with Rob getting ready to leave  and Gaby moving back in there is just way too much stuff laying around the house either waiting to be packed or unpacked. My house is not big enough for all this stuff.

 I got some of my boxes today and yesterday, of course I did not take pictures because, umm well I'm not sure how to up load them yet !!! LOL

 The movers for Rob are coming next Thursday to go over the stuff they are moving and then the next day will pack and take it. Its hard to believe that he will be gone soon. I plan to stay here in NC for at least a year while things settle down in DC. He is going to be traveling with the Joint Chiefs of Staff about 280 days out of the year so it just didn't make sense for me to go now.

 I found the cockatiel a home and they said he seems happy, so yippy for me.

 I got an Ipsy box today, very nice makeup but I think the colors could have been a little better more summery. I also got a love with food box. it was pretty good but they was some kind of dried tomato slices, yuck !!!! they were very nasty.
' is having an awesome sale today, lots of spring and summer stuff. Sorry but I'm not on the ball today and did not put down everything that was on sale but I'll work on it. I guess I really just need to get on the ball with keeping up with this, but like I said things are just hectic.

 I'm trying this fitbit challenge that I saw on an other blog site. I'll ask her if I can post a link. My pain this week has been pretty bad and I regret having the surgery more and more so doing the fitbit is hard. I did manage to  get some garden work done and some shopping but other then that I've been bedridden. I get so frustrated over this and sometimes I just think I cant take anymore. But there is nothing I can do, but I can tell you spending the rest of my life on drugs is a sad sad thing.

 Ok toddles for now, I'm going to see if I can get some pictures up loaded and eat some of the good food I got in the mail today.

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