Thursday, May 2, 2013

Intro and daily deal

I'm writing because I have been told I need a hobby. Right now my best hobby is shopping so I figure is someone comes across this I can  share my deals and well anything else I have.

 I started trying this new stuff called
Subscription boxes. I bet I'm the last person to hear about them but I have to say I think I"ve found my new addiction. I love a bargain, I mean really love and since I have found these I've been scoring the internet looking for coupons and code and man there are a bunch.

 I'm new to all this and I'm really new at blogging but hey I have lots to say and no one to say it too.

 I'll start with I'm  an Army  wife ( hence the title ) I've been married for twenty years and he has been in the Army for 19 of those. Ok boring. He is leaving NC where we live to go work at the Pentagon, that's a big deal. Sad part is I'm not going with him so all I'll have for now people wise is this blog.

 I'm not great at talking to real people but that's because I am a very blunt person and I offend others. LOL

 So on to my great find of the day. Amazon has Sukus shoes for dirt cheap. Do you know those shoes? They are well over 50.oo but Amazon has them for as low as 14.99 and did you know they have more then flip flops? I got their sneakers and I am loving them.

 I found a coupon code for " Julup " it has nails polish and skin care make up. I got my first box today, I paid 2.99 for shipping not a bad deal for two nail polishes and a mascara. I am sorry to say that I was not thrilled with it so I wont be getting more. But since it was my first foray into the box world its not bad.

 Well on to more shopping and I hope to post everything I find. If someone reads it great, if not well then at least I'll remember the stuff I've bought lol

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