Sunday, May 19, 2013

Thunders storms and scray movies

 I cant believe that the movers are coming for Rob's stuff on Monday, where did the time go?? He plans to move to DC on June 6th and I  hope to go there around July 4th to see the fireworks. He has a place right next to the Pentagon for easy commute lol

 I have a bunch of deals for this week  and a lot of area ( Fayetteville ) things to do. I'm gathering them all up to post all at one time, or so I hope.

 Nothing but storms all weekend so I think scary movies are in order. I got Rob a 55 inch 3d tv for his birthday so we bought 3d movies to watch. It was pretty cool plus we go to spend time together.

 Army wives get a bad rap and sometimes I am ashamed to even be one. I think part of the problem may be that so many get married at 18 and a few I've talked even got married at 17~~ God I mean they haven't even lived life yet. I mean ok fine get married young but why the hurry to have kids right away? A military wife knows that her spouse can be deployed at anytime and then here you are with a child, no friends, no family living in a strange place. So many wives end up cheating because of this. But I've seen so many say that well they are madly in love and that they are happy. Well of course you're happy you just got married!!! and everyone thinks that their marriage will last but if you marry and then he deploys right away then you're going to get lonely. I just don't get it. I feel bad for them , people that young just don't understand things yet regardless of what they say. The one thing that seems to be a common thing is that they say " I'm mature for my age because of all the stuff I've gone through " Of course you like your mature but believe me your not, no one ever is.

 Ok done with that. I started following a very interesting page on facebook called " Debate This " if you get a chance check it out they bring up some very interesting subjects and have some great discussions.

 Shopping wise one of my new fav's in I could spend hours on there, which I think I will go do now lol

 I did tons of yard work this weekend so I count that as my fitness for the day... Now back to resting and then the Pain doctor on Monday. Oh fun fun...
 Check out for area - online shopping later

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