Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hard week

  Well what a busy week. I found a Cockatiel in my yard on Friday, can you believe it !!! I'm stunned. Now I've been trying to find the owner and I now have two people claiming the bird is theirs. How do I pick? I mean its a bird they all pretty much look the same. I've decided to ask them questions about the bird to see who knows him best. I know Cockatiels can talk and things so that's what I went with, but really I do not think any of them is the owner but since we can't keep him I'll have to make a choice.

 Rob is going on leave on Friday, for those that don't know that is the Military term for vacation. He is trying to set up the movers so they can come get his stuff and bring it to DC so its really getting down to the wire with him leaving. I'm sad to see him go but very excited for the great opportunity it is for him. This is a  very big deal. Being nominated to work at the Pentagon is a big deal but getting it is an even bigger deal. I can not imagine him working there with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I am looking forward to going to visit him since I love all things there are to do in DC.
 So far I have only gotten the one box subscription that I have ordered but like I said before I wasn't to thrilled with it. The others ones look much more promising. I'll update when I get them.

 I don't know if anyone shops  but its a great flash sale site that I check everyday. I have got such amazing deals there. I have jeans that are normally well over 150.00 for under 60. So far the favorites I get from there are the, Agave, Cult, Mavi and dam I cant remember the others lol So if you get a chance check it out.
 One of the other flash sale sites I check daily is , again amazing deals. Now the sizing on designer clothes is different then others so check the size chart before you order.

 Well that's it for today, Its cold and rainy and nasty here in NC, this is crazy it should be in the 70"s by now but its only 51 out. That's winter weather and even in the winter it doesn't get that cold.

  Ok see ya later, well if anyone is reading this !!!

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